New year - New Broom

In my last post of 2011 I wished for hard work, new lessons and a dose of luck. Today on the first day of the new year I ended up wiping my blog clean. Time will tell how misguided or otherwise this action is, but I am optimistic.

The prompt came from Google blogger, informing me that my Picasa web album was full. There it was, the first lesson. I didn't even realise that I had a Picasa web album, let alone that there was a limit on it.

When I went to look at the pictures on line my heart sank - duplication upon duplication, more rubbish than my eyes could stand to look at. Several years of progression, that much was evident, but not much else. So in the spirit of New Year beginnings I decided to take a metaphorical broom and sweep the whole thing clean. Of course this had implications for the blog too, so I brushed that down at the same time....

I can hear the faint screams from at least one person, but bear with me; and my goodness I feel lighter now ..... Happy New Year !