A little while ago I stepped out of my blogs and turned the lights off.
If I'm honest, I had reached capacity (and I'm not just talking about the photos on my Picasa account here).

Because I couldn't make felt anymore there didn't seem to be any point in carrying on blogging. From where I was standing I could see my peers expanding their practice while my creative bubble was somewhat diminishing.

So after sweeping most of my blog into a little dust heap I put the broom into the cupboard, held a studio sale, packed my sketchbooks away and  sat down to wait for the post operative recuperation to do its thing. I also went out into the real world and found a job outside of the creative industry.

But people keep visiting the few posts left up, and I keep being e-mailed questions about felting, which is rather nice. So while that's still happening I shall answer them to the best of my ability in this blog. I'll probably share a few hat patterns while I'm at it.

I can't promise I'll post very frequently - the new job is keeping me busy and even finding time to draw is proving tricky! But wool still features significantly ... for example there is a gritstone fleece sitting in the kitchen. Perhaps I'll blog about that tomorrow...


  1. Waving from t'other side of Suffolk!!!
    Looking forward to reading your blog again. I've just re-read our post about Gretel ... she's been in my thoughts this week and I'm sure she's been in your's.

  2. Hello Celia (Waves back exciedly) - Lovely to see you, we never did have that "pink party" to dye up some wool with Brazilwood, Madder and Cochineal did we? Like you I have been thinking about Gretel, and hoping that she finds a way though this dreaful time.

  3. Still have the cochineal ... somewhere? :-?

    Yes we must! Or just tea, cake, chat & crochet :-)

    Hope to see you soon.
    C x